My Weight Loss Success Story

The Emotion that Set It All Off

When I was 9 years old, I walked into the delicious baking smell of our kitchen and saw my mother so busy cooking… the sink was bursting messy pots and pans, the counter looked like an muddled supermarket shelf, and the huge dinner table was full of dished out food. I asked her: “Mamá, what’s going on?” And, as carrying on with her cooking, she replied: “It’s your brother’s birthday and he’s invited all his friends over.” 

I was SHOCKED. My mind went blank for a few seconds. 

Of course I knew it was my little brother’s birthday, but we had never invited friends. We always celebrated birthdays as a family, that was the way. 

So I asked her again: “But mamá, what do you mean he has invited friends over, what for?” She stopped, looked at me and said: “Well, he has decided to have a birthday party and he’s invited everyone from school and his friends from the neighbourhood. And knowing your brother, darling, you can only imagine how many people that will be.” She turned around and continued with her very own MasterChef show.


My whole world, as I knew it, just collapsed right in front of my eyes. How could no one have told me anything about this? How could no one prepare me for this? How could he not invite me? How was I going to deal with all these strangers in my home? 

Now, after the shock, I was DEVASTATED!

I wasn’t significant enough to have been kept informed, I wasn’t interesting enough for my brother to prefer celebrating his birthday with me instead of his friends, I wasn’t fun enough for him to invite me to his party.


My feelings didn’t matter to anyone and, I was so scared of the avalanche of people that would show up, that I just wanted to make myself invisible.

I felt betrayed, alone and unwanted. I didn’t belong in that family. I was never going to be the extrovert kid my brother was, I was never going to be surrounded by friends like my brother was, I was never going to be popular like he was.

A traumatic event is one that you experience alone (you don't tell anyone about it),

has an emotional impact on you and causes significant impairment in your life.

It's not the severity of the event but the meaning and interpretation you attach to it that affect your life.

Let’s face it, that shy little girl was DOOMED TO FAIL as a woman and suffer chronic comparisonitis.

A woman who would find comfort and soothe her wounded feelings in food, because she didn’t matter enough for anyone else to care.

A woman who would be over the moon with insignificant demonstrations of affection from her partner because, no matter how much she gave, she could never give enough to men who didn’t appreciate her worth.

A woman who would just aspire to low paid jobs, despite relentlessly investing in her education, because needing to be invisible, playing it small, and wanting success, are simply opposite sides of the same coin that will never look in the same direction.

To sum it all up, a woman who never felt worthy and deserving of being good enough, receiving love, and having success, because all that belonged to the ‘other’ people, the people who were enough, significant and fitted in.


She was different, insignificant and overlooked, and had to work twice as hard and give twice as much to receive peanuts in return.

And I WAS  that woman.

But then, I worked on... ME

I healed the emotional wounds that kept me dieting and putting on weight

The woman I AM today is a different one altogether.

The woman you see here today, is 28kg lighter, feels confident and attractive in her body, is in a loving relationship with the most amazing man, who demonstrates how much he admires and appreciates her consistently, has a thriving and successful business that makes a positive impact on others, and is excited to meet people and show her uniqueness in public.

This woman is proud of who she is, flaws in all,

loves herself and appreciates her worth.

I stopped living life as an unfair, limiting and hopeless accidental consequence of my childhood and started working on myself to change things from the inside out. All the restrictive diets I had tried, all the years of therapy I had spent money on, all the degrees and diplomas I had accumulated, and personal growth programmes I had completed, had taken me nowhere.

I stopped blaming my disgusting fatness, my abusive boyfriends and my unfulfilling job, and I started appreciating, loving and valuing myself. And then my lifeless, insipid and colourless journey, turned into a life full of unshakable confidence, true love and a fulfilling purpose.

Today I am 28kg lighter and full of unshackable confidence

Nothing had worked before until I healed the emotional root cause

The reason nothing had worked before was because no diet ever addressed my emotional blocks


The reason I was stuck in the 'lose weight, put on weight' cycle was because no diet ever nurtured my unshakable confidence

Having just ended another hopeless relationship, what I most wanted was to lose all the weight I had gained so I could feel confident enough to then start dating again. I thought that being fat was the reason why I lacked confidence, always got entangled in emotionally abusive relationships and was overlooked at work.

So I got to work on myself, healing the emotional wounds of my past. What I wasn't expecting was to discover that it was actually my low self-esteem and lack of self-worth and self-belief that made me overeat and binge, that made me attracted to partners that didn’t appreciate me and also stopped me from progressing in my career.


It was that discovery and that realisation that set me on my incredible path to success.

Marta, who came to see me for confidence issues, was surprised to realise that her problem wasn’t due to all the things she could explain and reason with her logic, but memories she didn’t even remember from her childhood.

That’s why I am committed to help you dig deep enough and set you free.


That’s why I love what I do and I do what I love.

I lost weight easily and effortlessly without dieting

In one of my Confident Weight Workshops, during the practical demo, Kathleen came up to me and asked me: “Come on, Lorena, have you really had all these crisps, biscuits, and sweets for 6 months at home and been able to leave them alone?” And I told her: “Yes, I keep it all together in this box. I’m indifferent to all those things. I prefer to eat my own satisfying food.” The day after our first session on the Confident Weight Programme, Kathleen cooked broccoli and cauliflower to have with her chicken, which she had never done before.

When I met Stefany, she was desperate to lose the weight she had gained since having her expensive lipo surgery. She asked me: “But, Lorena, don’t you just have times when you have to eat it all?” And I said: “No. I just eat when I am hungry and stop when I’m full. If I force myself to eat any more, I feel really uncomfortable for hours afterwards and I can’t take it.” And when she went out to dinner with her friends after our first Confident Weight session, she was amazed that she pushed her plate away with food still on it!

You see, when I cleaned up the emotional garbage I was carrying, which was suppressing how I really felt and thought about myself, it was like a burden had been lifted off my shoulders and harmony was restored in my life. I no longer had to think what to do about food, I just did it!

And I benefited  from the ripple effect it had in my life

Getting to the root cause of my weight issues, discovering that it was my shattered confidence and self-esteem that were causing it, and regaining my power, was the most liberating experience of my life. 


I healed my weight issues but, in the process, I experienced the amazing ripple effect it had on my self-belief. I showed up more confident and self-assured, more people would approach me and talk to me, and they could tell the difference. They would congratulate me on my weight loss but also add that there was something about me, that I looked happier, more easy going and confident. 


I wanted more of this ripple effect so I continued on my journey of self-love and, the deeper the wound I healed, the stronger my confidence got, curing my lovability, my worthiness and visibility issues. Through healing emotional wounds and unlocking my confident weight mindset, I ended the 'put on-lose weight' dieting cycle I had endured all my life, met my amazing partner, started my own business and stood in front of an audience!

If it was possible for that shy little girl, who went through her childhood, teens and adult life feeling ‘less than’, unworthy and insignificant, feeling alone, different and disconnected, who grew up enduring the emotional wear and tear of her giving in relationships, who submitted to alienating social anxiety and who settled for unfulfilling jobs that were under her capabilities to finally become a woman who feels attractive, valued and confident, with healthy eating habits, a loving relationship and a successful business, then you too can transform your body and life the way you want it.

My mission is to give you the opportunity to do so, because you are not born to live a small life like mine was.


You are here to thrive, grow and enjoy life.


The choice is yours.

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Client Success Stories

Weight Loss

"The best investment I have ever made! My 2 months with Lorena have been amazing and the results more incredible than the liposuction and tummy tuck I had!


I now subconsciously choose to leave food on my plate as soon as I feel full, which is something I wouldn't have done before, and I serve myself smaller portions. I no longer have bread for breakfast, I choose fruit and porridge instead. The chocolate cravings have vanished.


It feels amazing to start fitting into the jeans I bought after my surgery. My confidence and self-belief have sky rocketed and now I am on a mission to achieve my target weight and succeed in my business."

Stefany, UK