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I have worked in the education sector for 15 years and seen how young adults sabotage many of life’s opportunities due to lack of confidence and self-belief. And actually, I could totally understand and relate to their behaviour and the thought pattern sustaining it.

When you know that you are enough, you rule your life, you pick, choose and decide who deserves your loyalty as a partner, which job deserves your talents, what boss deserves your integrity, which friends deserve your support. Because each decision that you make, just confirms to you, and everyone around you, how much you respect and love yourself.


As a child, my low self-esteem and lack of confidence manifested in weight gain. I was introduced to the world of calorie controlled diets at age 9 and, throughout my teens and adult life, I have constantly struggled with weight and binge eating. I always dreamt of the day I could present myself to others in a slim body and I thought that, only then, my life would be as I wanted it to be. I never thought my teenage self could be so wrong.


That great lie that I believed at face value shattered my goals, buried my self-esteem and explained my failures despite realising my potential. The truth was my failures always depended on what I assumed others thought of me, but my success only depended on what and how I thought of myself. 


Only when you think and believe with unshakable certainty that you are enough and trust in yourself, then you are free of external judgement, manipulation and abuse; then you no longer need to stuff yourself until you cannot stand up, nor shop 'til you drop for things you will never use, nor hide your pain behind a bottle, nor continue accepting abuse and humiliation... and the list of situations and circumstances you can overcome goes on.

RTT gave me the opportunity to understand and unchain myself from my childhood’s outdated feelings of unworthiness, it transformed my slavery to the opinion of others into an urge to set my own standards and achieve my goals, not anyone else's, enabling me to confidently reclaim my worth in my personal, professional and social life.


Today I am free. Now I truly know and believe that I am enough just as I am: a healthy individual who appreciates the odd sprinkle of sugar every now and then, a successful professional passionate about helping others knock down their barriers and achieve their goals, a self-assured woman who can count on a solid support network of friends, colleagues and family, who appreciate her as she does them.

Now, you too have the opportunity to transform your life and to take that opportunity. You decide.

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