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5 Weight Loss Tips for Christmas

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

5 Weight Loss Tips for Christmas

So it’s that time of the year again, filled with delicious mouth-watering food, sweets and drinks, and meals to enjoy in or out with your colleagues, friends and family. And you can not help but worry about the impact it will all have on your waistline. The truth is that Christmas should be a time to relax and enjoy without feeling guilty or anxious about your weight or food.

However, neither does it mean you have no option but to throw the house out of the window only to regret it when Christmas is over and you make your New Year’s resolutions. You can find the balance between over-indulgence and anxiety. So here you are some clever and useful tips to avoid binge eating this Christmas and still fully enjoy it like you are supposed to!

1 - Plan it

5 Weight Loss Tips for Christmas - plan it

It is so easy to lose track of what you are consuming, especially when people around you are putting events on. The first thing to do is to get clear on which meals you are going to make special while keeping your usual eating plan at any other time. If you indulge at the office party, Christmas dinner and New Year’s Eve, that’s 3 meals in a 3 week period, which is hardly going to crush the hard-earned effort you have invested in healthy eating for months.

After all, socialising, even around a table full of food, is about connecting with people, sharing stories, having fun and creating memories.

2 - Work it Out

Let’s admit it, holidays make us lazy and they seem like the perfect time to relax and be a couch potato but, actually, it might just be the best time to work out! With a break from work, you get more time to yourself and gyms are less crowded.

5 Weight Loss Tips for Christmas - work it out

So a great way to minimise the impact of that pie is to join a gym class that you really enjoy. Think fun and variety, maybe Zumba one day, spinning another day and strength training another one. Group classes are a great motivator!

Of course, you may prefer the outdoors, so you could commit to a 30 min brisk walk or 15 min run every day or every other day and make that ‘me’ time non-negotiable.

By exercising you keep your feel-good endorphins flowing, which help you make healthier food choices.

3 - Socialise Smartly

When you are eating out, you are most likely to make bad food choices. While it is important to socialise, it is way more important to be healthy. What if I told you can do both at the same time? Here's how to do it:

  • Know the menu. Whenever you are going out, look up the menu online beforehand for healthy options available so you know what you are going to order. And don’t be afraid of asking for a healthy swap, they will be happy to swap chips for salad or vegetables.

  • Eat a healthy snack beforehand. Have an apple or banana with some nut butter or yoghurt with some nuts before you go out so you don’t ransack whatever food is put in front of you because you have an empty stomach.

5 Weight Loss Tips for Christmas - socilalise smartly

  • Choose water. Drink water before and during your meal. There is no point in wasting calories on drinks because they don’t give you a sense of fullness. So get on with the bottle or jug of water while you wait for your food.

  • Place your order first. Other people’s food choices can really influence your own, so be the first one to order food so you make your own food choices rather than follow anyone’s trend.

  • Choose coffee over dessert. If this is too hard for you, share your dessert with someone else or just eat half of it to get the urge out of your system.

4 - Watch your alcohol intake

5 Weight Loss Tips for Christmas - Choose cocktails with low-calorie mixers

Alcohol consumption during the holiday season can be slightly more tempting, but alcohol can cause weight gain simply because it contains lots of calories with no nutritional value.

So take it slow, choose drinks that are served with mineral or sparkling water or low-calorie mixers, and drink water between your beverages, it will keep you hydrated and help you slow down the intake. Alcohol makes you lose self-control and you make think you still have space for that last piece of Christmas pudding!

5 - Eat Mindfully

5 Weight Loss Tips for Christmas - Eat slowly and mindfully

Conscious eating can be beneficial on so many levels. Eating slowly gives your stomach time to realise how much you are eating and will help you avoid overeating. Taking the time to taste your food will help you realise how greasy or sugary your food is and it will allow you to stop eating when your taste buds get saturated. A study reveals that mindful eating leads to healthier food choices at restaurants.

You may enjoy cooking during the holiday season, then look up some healthy alternatives or cooking methods, knowing that what you are putting into your plate is healthy and nutritious.

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Christmas is definitely a time of joy, and you should enjoy it, while still maintaining your healthy habits most of the time. With these easy tips, you can stay healthy and enjoy your holiday to the fullest!

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