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    Virtually everyone can be hypnotised unless they don’t want to be. The state of hypnosis means being mentally relaxed, which, in the therapeutic context, is achieved by physical relaxation. At no point in the session you fall asleep or lose control. Actually, you are completely aware during the whole session, we talk and you could get up and terminate it at any point. You are in control of going along with the suggestions presented by the therapist or not. Absolutely no one can make you do anything you do not want to do. Only about 10% of the population is unable to be hypnotised due to impediments such as contraindicated mental illness or drug use.
    The therapeutic outcome depends on your commitment to change as no one, not even under hypnosis, can make you do something you do not want to do. Only you are responsible for allowing the process and collaborating by using your imagination and committing to listening to your personalised recording daily for at least 21 days to strengthen and consolidate your new thoughts and/or bahaviour. Even if you have not achieved your desired results with other hypnotherapeutic method in the past, there is still a strong possibility that RTT will be effective for you.​
    Being hypnotised means being physically and mentally relaxed. It is a natural state, like being concentrated reading a book or listening to music. In therapy, you achieve this same natural state by breathing deeply and closing your eyes. Then I guide your imagination into feeling deeply relaxed, yet fully conscious all the time. Not only I cannot make you fall asleep, you must be focused on our conversation while your body feels relaxed. It is similar to listening to a guided meditation. You are completely free to stop the relaxation process at any point you wish to do so.
    Regression is the most effective method to identify any core beliefs that are blocking you. You do not re-experience any traumatic event of your past, it is impossible to be born again and relive your past. Past experiences are observed and reviewed from a different perspective. During your session, we will explore some memories or experiences that are related to your current difficulty and we will identify the pattern that keeps you trapped so we can resolve it.
    Each person is unique and, depending on how deeply you work, you might feel bouncing with excitement or you may feel lighter, with a strong sense of self or you may feel a sense of reflection or wonder. In the following days, you may continue to discover even more about yourself and your programming. Whether you feel excited or reflective, you will have a sense of understanding, freedom & empowerment. Most people report that 'something shifted'.
    Yes, most clients start noticing changes from the first session. The unique RTT method allows direct access to the root cause of a behaviour, saving you hours even years in talk therapy, since its origin is found in childhood experiences, most of which are long forgotten. When you observe your childhood's age-appropriate understandings from your present's adult perspective, it is easier to adopt new more beneficial beliefs. That is how visible results are achieved in a single session, although your commitment is crucial to achieve permanent change, as your issue may have multiple or co-dependant root causes and each one must be addressed and resolved. Additionally, if you never listen to your recording, you may revert to old patterns. ​ *Please note the number of sessions required is particular to each case and person and results vary.
    The following is a general list of conditions hypnotherapy can help with. The RTT method is not exclusive to certain conditions, it can be applied to any aspect of life.To find out about your specific issue, please book your free 20 min consultation. Habits and Addictions // Weight Management // Phobias and Fears // Confidence and Self Esteem // Stress and Anxiety // Negative Emotions // Relationships // Fertility // Insomnia and Sleep Disorders // Somatic (bodily) Symptoms // Sports and Artistic Performance *If you want to apply RTT to a diagnosed condition, you must obtain your GP's consent in writing
    Online sessions are no different to face to face sessions, except that you save time and money in travel and you can relax in the comfort of your own home, regardless of where you are in the world. I can explain this fully during your telephone consultation. On completion of your booking, I email you the link to your online session. When you click on the link for the first time, it downloads the Zoom application launcher. You don’t need to create an account, username or password. No programme is downloaded to your hard drive, it is just a programme launcher. You must have a reliable internet connection, a camera enabled device and headphones with microphone (like the ones you use with your mobile phone), a stable support for your device (chair/table where to put down your phone, tablet or laptop), a comfortable chair or sofa where you can relax and support your head (you can lay down on bed) and, last but not least, an interruption free environment (kids, pets and other distractions must be out of the room you are in).
  • IS THERE ANY SCIENTIFIC PROOF? - And related articles
    Hypnosis is recognised by the medical profession as a useful and powerful complimentary therapy ​ In 1955 the British Medical Association issued a report stating that hypnosis is a valuable medical tool ​ In 1958 the American Medical Association recognised hypnosis as a viable scientific modality In 1962 the American Psychiatric Association recognised hypnosis as a viable modality to treat some psychological problems Publications of interest: Medical News Today - Hypnosis: What is it, and does it work? The Wall Street Journal - Medical Hypnosis: You Are Getting Very Healthy
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