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What Type of Eater Are You?

Addictive Eater

Cotton Candy

Addictive eaters crave processed and refined foods because they are addicted to the chemicals that are added to these foods in the manufacturing process.


Food companies add sugar to everything they can because they know it is as addictive as cocaine. Other chemicals are added to make uninteresting, even disgusting food look, taste or smell delicious. It is all these chemicals that stimulate your appetite and make you want more.


It is not that you are weak or don't have the will power to resist them. It is that the food industry has made you an addict to increase their profits. All processed foods like potato chips, cakes, chocolates, cookies, pastries, candy, fizzy drinks and fast food are not food, they are a molotov cocktail of sugar, transfats, colourants, flavourings, bulking agents, flavour enhancers and preservatives.


Sugar, like drugs, makes the body release dopamine and you become addicted to it. And, like all addictions, you get used to it and need more and more of the dopamine just to get the same effect.

Top Tip

The only cure is to stop eating the addictive food.

Just like a recovered addict or alcoholic would never buy and keep cocaine or whiskey at home, you must leave these foods on the supermarket shelf because your body will ask for whatever you give it. And actually, your body was perfectly happy and doing pretty well before you started feeding it sugary foods or drinks. But once you did, it couldn't help to ask for more.


Yogurt with Fruit

If your breakfast consists of a packet of biscuits and you swap it for a bowl of porridge with cinnamon, banana and blueberries, of course you will miss the old breakfast at the start. But quite quickly, often within 6 weeks, your body will prefer the better natural food over the junk food.

So if you are an addictive eater, you have to cut out the addictive foods and replace them with something healthier, knowing that, once you stop feeding the addiction, it will go away.


And later, you can safely eat small amounts of desserts without going back to the old patterns because you will have a bite and find it just too sweet and sickening to your new taste buds, which are actually your original ones free of chemicals.


If you want to stop your addiction controlling your relationship with food, you can grab the bull by the horns and free yourself right now. Book your free 30-minute consultation and find out how I can help you.


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