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What Type of Eater Are You?

Habitual Eater

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Habitual eaters are children who were praised, encouraged or forced to eat everything on their plate.


They have been conditioned to leave nothing on their plate and they continue this habit in adulthood. They will eat at every occasion and make an occasion of any situation.


There is always room for one more bite, one more piece and they end up eating it all. They eat everything in front of them without being aware of whether they are hungry or not, even whether they enjoy the food or not.


Feeling full enough to say 'no' or stop eating is an alien sensation. They hate to waste food or throw it away.

Top Tip

As a habitual eater, you have to realise that you just have a habit that you acquired in your childhood and that actually you were born like everyone else, a baby that instinctively knew when to eat and how much to eat. If you try to force feed a baby, they will turn their face away, and you can get that ability back.

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Accept leaving food as empowering to you now that you are an adult because any extra food your body doesn't need is always wasted whether it is on your waist or in the bin.

So if you don't want to waste food, the best thing to do is to store it in the fridge for another day, for your partner or ask to take it away if you are in a restaurant.


Practice makes perfect, so you can start leaving even just a pea on your plate as you learn to recognise when you feel full.


If you want to stop your negative childhood habits controlling your relationship with food, you can grab the bull by the horns and become the adult you truly want to be right now. Book your free 30-minute consultation and find out how I can help you.

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