How you can 

work with me

How you can work with me

Lose the Pounds, Pile on the Confidence

I know what it's like to desperately want to lose weight but, whatever you do, you always end up sabotaging yourself and putting the weight back on.

To want to feel confident and attractive in your body, but you are constantly comparing yourself to others. 


To want to feel appreciated, but you are always giving yourself reasons why you are less than.  

I've been there and done that.

I know what it's like to be the invisible fat woman.

And I don't want that for you.


Losing weight doesn't have to be a struggling battle.

Gaining confidence doesn't have to take years of therapy.

Loving and respecting yourself is not a guilty selfish act. 


Whether you need help to stop emotional eating, food addictions or self-sabotage, I can help you LOSE THE POUNDS and PILE ON THE CONFIDENCE so you can have the body you want but also start living the life you deserve, feeling LOVED, APPRECIATED and DESERVING.


Your dream body and life are just round the corner. 

The only reason you aren't where you want to be is because you forgot the most important piece of the puzzle... YOU!

The Confident Weight Formula

What the diet books, weight loss programmes and health coaches don't tell you is that weight loss success comes from the result of aligning all three: your MINDSET (your beliefs), your HEARTSET (your emotions) and your ACTIONSET (your behaviour).

By addressing the root cause that corrupted how I thought, felt and behaved around food, it helped me break free from the emotions that had been blocking my natural weight, it changed my relationship with food, and it had a permanent effect on me, maintaining my 28kg weight loss ever since.

Regression Hypnotherapy, is a highly effective 'super therapy' that gets results by finding and addressing the root cause of your issue.

Other talk therapies only treat the symptoms. Hypno-Regression takes the best tools of hypnotherapy, CBT and NLP to bring a truly powerful and life changing experience that heals past trauma and its emotional impact. 


Once the root cause is found and healed, I rewire your mind for successful weight loss using my unique Confident Weight Method to help you lose the pounds easily, and pile on the confidence rapidly, to live the life you want to be living.

Confident Weight Method

Successful Weight Loss

My unique approach heals all three key elements to success: Confident Mindset, Confident Heartset & Confident Actionset, which, together with strategic coaching, delivers the powerful self belief, self love and self worth that give you lasting weight loss results and unshakable confidence.

How I can help

There are many issues Regression Hypnotherapy can help resolve.

However, I have a proven success rate and specialism in the following areas of health, life and career transformation.

Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Sugar/Food Addiction


Binge Eating


Emotional Eating


Self Sabotage

Loving Relationship

Loving Relationship

Find a Partner


Improve Relationships


Feeling unlovable


Childhood Issues

Unshakable Confidence

Unshakable Confidence

Confidence & Self Esteem


Interviews / Public Speaking


Sabotage / Achieve Goals



I work with women all over the world using video call. If you are not quite sure which area you need to work on, I will help you work that out during our consultation to make sure we are getting you maximum results.

Self Belief + Self Love + Self Worth = Confident Weight Success

See yourself wearing that fitted dress and feeling sexy,

hearing people complementing how attractive you look,

giving yourself a wink in the mirror because you know you look good.


Show up to that meeting with a newfound sense of self belief, knowing that you have a voice, that you matter and that you are important, 

standing up for yourself and being respected for it.

Heal your traumatic childhood and find true love, in yourself and all around you, raising your self worth and being open to receive appreciation and praise because you are enough just as you are.


RTT combined with conscious mindset work and strategic coaching is the secret behind my own and my clients' success. RTT works with the subconscious mind to find deep childhood memories impacting on you today and free you from them. 

What people say about the Confident Weight Programme

"I struggled with weight for years until I met Lorena. It was amazing to see the weight started to drop off so effortlessly."

"I honestly don’t think of chocolate or crisps, which is amazing. I had broccoli and cauliflower yesterday because I really fancied that. I never eat that! It’s the first time I've felt positive about changing my eating habits."


"I’ve been drinking water and not fizzy drinks. I've cut my sugar down in tea to one teaspoon. Lorena's Confident Weight programme has been the start of a new me."


"I am now subconsciously choosing to leave food on my plate as soon as I feel full, which is something I wouldn't have done before, and I serve myself smaller portions. It feels amazing to start fitting into the jeans I bought after my lipo surgery feeling unshakeable confidence in myself."

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